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Sprague Operating Resources LLC is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Sprague Operating Resources LLC is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

One of the country's leading independent suppliers of energy and related services is HIRING U.S. VETERANS TODAY!

Founded in 1870, Sprague Energy started as a distributor of coal and petroleum-based products. After launching its public position in the Stock Market in 2013, Sprague Energy has now become Sprague Operating Resources LLC. The company has since expanded to electricity, fuel delivery and materials handling services.

Today, Sprague markets their products to more than 20,000 retail, commercial, industrial, utility and wholesale customers. Their refined products and materials handling terminals are strategically located in the Northeast. This, combined with the company's natural gas pipeline capacity, give Sprague not only unprecedented access to energy products but also puts them at an advantage in the materials handling and energy supply business.


  • Home Heating Oil
  • Diesel
  • Fuels, Gasoline and Natural gas
  • Materials Handling


With a track record of over 150 years, Sprague not only prides itself on exceeding a century but also on exceeding the heavy expectations that come with doing and keeping an energy business. The energy industry is one of the most advanced businesses in the contemporary world. To get to where they are now, Sprague had to always think ahead of the times: to predict the demands and to offer solutions to the problems of the future. The company also believes that their outstanding treatment of customers fairly sustains their leadership in the energy field. 


  • During its early years, Sprague was one of the major supplier of coal to America’s European allies (1900s).
  • The company founded the Sprague Steamship Company which transported millions of tons of coal across the Atlantic.
  • By 1942, Sprague's role in the global coal supply arena was solidified when the U.S. Government appointed them to manage the wartime coal shipment program. 
  • After the war, Sprague began the marketing of ultra low sulfur diesel to fleet vehicles years before the EPA mandated it.
  • In 1986, Sprague launched their materials handling department using the industry-leading online buying program, Sprague Real-Time.®

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Sprague's business culture resembles the energy industry: always changing, evolving, and innovating. As a business that is geared towards progress, Sprague welcomes new people with not only profitable but also creative and novel inputs to the team. As Sprague mainly relies on customer service and satisfaction, excellence in this area is also a MUST-HAVE.


  • Choice of Health Plans to fit employee's individual needs
  • 401(k) Traditional and Roth plans with employer match of 60% of the first 6% of the employee’s contribution
  • Defined Contribution Plan with an automatic 5% contribution from Sprague
  • Paid Volunteer Time (to encourage employees to support charities which are meaningful to them)
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Wellness Program

Want to work for Sprague and contribute to their next 150 years of legacy in the energy industry?