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Lundbeck, LLC Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

Lundbeck, LLC Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

Brain health is common wealth. If there is such thing as utopia, it will definitely involve mentally sound individuals. Healthy brains produce sound body and mind - which, in turn, enrich lives. 

According to the World Health Organization, the stigma against mental illness is a major cause of discrimination and exclusion in our society. Where there is discrimination and exclusion, there is poverty not only on social levels but also in the economic or livelihood aspect. 

"...[D]eeply entrenched stigma and discrimination against people with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities, [lead] to a violation of their human rights; low levels of mental health literacy in the general population; insufficient investment in and access to quality services for people over the whole life course, resulting in unmet need and financial hardship; fragmented or uncoordinated service delivery; inadequate governance and information systems; and a continuing reliance on psychiatric hospitals or social care institutions as a primary locus of mental healthcare delivery."

-World Health Organization: WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health 2021–2025

A significant number of veterans suffer from various mental problems. Research suggests that 14-16% of U.S. service members deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq have PTSD or depression. It was even recorded in 2018 that over 1.7 million veterans received mental health treatment in a VA specialty program. The stigma surrounding mental health often makes it difficult for our veterans and their family members to acquire gainful employment. This is how important mental health accommodation is in a work setting, especially for veterans and military family members who are indirectly affected by the mental problems of their loved ones. 


At Lundbeck, LLC, mental health awareness is not just a part of its accommodation. The eradication of stigma that surrounds mental disabilities is their ultimate goal. One part, even though broken or imperfect, make up the whole. As a global pharmaceutical company that specializes in brain diseases, it is Lundbeck's mission to normalize discussions about brain health and its associated disorders. This advocacy has put Lundbeck at the forefront of neuroscience research and development for over 7 decades now.

Lundbeck wants every brain in the game... including veterans'!

Robust and comprehensive benefits package to help protect Lundbeck employees’ health, family, and everyday life:

Competitive Salary

Generous Vacation, Sick Leave, Holiday Shut Down and Company Paid Holidays

Two medical, dental and vision plans eligible as of their start date

401k match with immediate vesting

Parental Leave

Hybrid work model for office-based roles

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)  & Health Savings Account (HSA)

Employee Assistance Program


Facts About Lundbeck

70+ YEARS in the forefront of neuroscience research

100 COUNTRIES of operation around the world

5,300 EMPLOYEES worldwide

16.3B DKK ($2.59B) revenue generated in 2021

Inspiring Uniqueness

What makes brain science difficult is that every brain is unique. Individuals do not think the same - even twins! This understanding allows Lundbeck to embrace and integrate these differences within their organization. 

Driving Diversity

At Lundbeck, diversity is considered a tool in unleashing creativity, innovation, progress and mutual enrichment. A diverse workforce for Lundbeck equates to an empowered organization. A big part of their investment and competitive advantage is in the diversity of minds and experiences of their employees.

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