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IL Action for Children is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

IL Action for Children is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Building Strong Families and Powerful Communities

As a forward thinking state and national leader that works for the best interest of the families and day care providers they serve, Illinois Action for Children (IAFC) is known to always maintain quality early care and education in the community. In order for parents to contribute to the economy and the society in general, they must have access to affordable, high-quality care and education for their children.

At IAFC: Children and Families are PRIORITY.

  • All children and families, especially those most vulnerable, have the opportunities and resources they need;
  • A broad-based coalition of public and private funders and collaborators support IAFC's Mission; and
  • Their diverse and talented staff demonstrates on a daily basis that every action can change a life.

It all started with the pivotal question from their founder, Sylvia Cotton: "What about the Children?" Sylvia was appalled by the lack of quality child care alternatives for working parents in her home state of Illinois, and specifically in Chicago. Conflicting regulations, inadequate funding, and virtually non-existent standards of care contributed to this dire situation. So, together with a team of advocates for affordable yet quality child care options for families, Sylvia led the formation of the Day Care Crisis Council now known as Illinois Action for Children (IAFC).

IAFC's approaches to child development, pre-k education, and other family and community programs are, of course, backed by their equally excellent providers.

Commitment to Excellence in Early Care and Education Trickles Down to Commitment to Excellence with their Providers

Part of their commitment to deliver enhanced early care and education, is IAFC's dedication to employing staff with elevated expertise. To ensure this, every provider that IAFC employs are guaranteed:

  • Variety of training program to improve their professional development opportunities;
  • Healthy Food Program Education and federal reimbursements - granted only to home-based Family Child Care Providers who follow the USDA guidelines in serving nutritious foods to the children in their care; and
  • Mental Health Consultation for support and enhancements in developing appropriate learning environments and delivering strategies to address difficult behaviors that may arise in the classroom.

IAFC maintains that early care and education providers should be well-trained, educated, and have the professional resources that enable them to deliver high-quality programs that support every child.

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IL Action for Children understands the alignment in principles, values and excellence between their child care providers and Veteran job seekers within the same field; so IAFC is opening its doors and is partnering with HireVeterans in employing Veteran (and/or Veteran Spouse) Child Care Specialists TODAY!