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Harvey Mudd College is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Harvey Mudd College is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Be part of one of the premier engineering, science and mathematics colleges in the United States! 

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is looking for U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses who can fill diverse roles in their campus! The academe industry does not only consist of teaching and administrative jobs. School institutions also have the need for landscape artists, baristas, and other food service crews because they also have grounds to maintain, cafeterias to keep, coffee shops to run, and many more. Given that the college has an undergraduate student population of 809 and has a notably scenic campus, HMC sure has a lot of job vacancies aside from their regular academic positions.


Harvey Mudd College appreciates their members' contributions to the prestige of their institution. This appreciation comes in a wealth of comprehensive and flexible benefits package:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
  • Retirement Plan (12% employer contribution- no employee contribution needed)
  • Dependent Collegiate Scholarship Program (50% of tuition and mandatory fees at any college that your student is accepted. For eligible employees, subject to policy requirements.)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick, Vacation & Personal days
  • Free uniforms, work tools and personal protective equipment (when needed)
  • Free employee parking (depending on job positions)
  • Fun express discounts (substantial savings on admissions to amusement and water parks, museums, movie passes, dinner theaters and a host of family friendly activities)


About Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College is directly named after their founder: Harvey S. Mudd - an accomplished mining engineer who set his aim at improving the many challenges of traditional, narrow technical training of the 1950s. Since then, Harvey Mudd and his successors championed the creation of an educational environment that not only bulldozed the challenges of technical training but also helped produce some of society's most critical and forward thinking scientists. 

Best College based on Salary Potential

Based on 2021 ranking, Harvey Mudd College (HMC) ranks second among the Best Colleges based on Salary Potential. This ranking based on salary potential can help individuals determine how much income they could attain based on which college or university they attend  by the time they reach the peak of their careers. HMC's Mid-Career Median Salary registers at $166,600 annually. 

HMC Mission

Although mainly a STEM-focused institution specializing in science, engineering, and mathematics degrees, Harvey Mudd College also prides itself as unique because they, too, represent as a liberal arts college. STEM courses might be exclusive of the liberal arts in other colleges but not at HMC.

They offer 10 engineering, science and mathematics-based majors, all grounded in a solid curriculum with a healthy dose of humanities and social science studies. HMC understands that engineers, scientists and mathematicians can be multifaceted. Students shouldn't have to sacrifice their interest in music or arts, for instance, to be good in their technical fields. HMC also strengthens their students' knowledge and understanding of history and politics because dexterity in these areas are sure to be useful when graduates are released into the real world.

The institution educates engineers, scientists and mathematicians who will one day become leaders in their fields. They rear them to have a clear understanding of the impact that their work will eventually have on society. In other words, HMC paints the big picture for their students. 

HMC Strategic Vision

Harvey Mudd College's strategic vision revolves around six themes:

  1. Innovation, Leadership, and Impact, Especially in Engineering, Science and Mathematics
  2. Focus on Experiential and Interdisciplinary Learning
  3. Unsurpassed Excellence and Diversity at All Levels
  4. Nurturing and Developing the Whole Person
  5. Global Engagement and Informed Contributions to Society
  6. Improvement of Infrastructure and Resources to Support Harvey Mudd’s Commitment to Excellence and Building Community

Are you curious to see where you fit in HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE? Visit their HV Profile HERE for more information.