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Azure Summit Technology Continues to Hire Veterans!

Azure Summit Technology Continues to Hire Veterans!

What is Secret and Top Secret Clearance?

The federal government grants secret and top secret security clearances to large numbers of government employees and contractors. Based on the latest statistics released by the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, as of October 2019, there are almost 3 million eligible and in access population granted with Confidential/Secret (Tally: 1,697,798) and Top Secret clearances (Tally: 1,251,958). 

The purpose of Secret and Top Secret clearances is to grant authorized individuals access to classified information that is deemed to be of the highest sensitivity and importance to national security. It is a level of security clearance used by governments, particularly the United States government, to protect information that, if disclosed, could cause grave damage to national security, defense, or intelligence operations.

What is the Difference Between Secret and Top Secret Clearance?

The main difference between Secret clearance and Top Secret clearance lies in the level of sensitivity of the classified information accessed and the level of risk associated with its potential disclosure. The latter covers more extensive coverage of information in terms of classification, scope of access, sensitivity, and authorization.


Do you have an ACTIVE SECRET and/or TOP / SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION (TS/SCI) Clearance? If yes, then Azure Summit Technology wants you! Due to the nature of the work and contracts secured by Azure Summit, team members are mostly required to have active Secret and/or TS/SCI clearance. 

In return for your service and excellence, you can be assured of the following benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Casual and Friendly Work Environment
  • Medical Insurance
  • Generous PTO
  • End-of-Year Bonus (for qualified positions)
  • Work-Life Balance

Who is Azure Summit Technology?

Azure Summit Technology is a dynamic, growing, cross-functional, and diverse RF technology solutions company. They operate in Fairfax, Virginia, and Melbourne, Florida. Their primary business focus is in the development and delivery of advanced RF (Radio Frequency) hardware, firmware, and software products for clients within the Department of Defense.

Although small in size, the company boasts a diverse team of highly qualified, very technical engineers and subject matter experts with relevant experiences in various fields such as electrical, mechanical, RF, hardware, software, firmware, and systems engineering. Azure Summit always provides cutting-edge solutions to their customers. They leverage their unique perspectives and diverse experiences to effectively tackle their customers' most challenging obstacles.

One of the key offerings from Azure Summit Technology is their comprehensive range of multi-channel software defined radio solutions. These solutions find application in areas such as surveillance, emitter location, direction-finding, interference cancellation, radar, and communications. The company is capable of tailoring systems to meet specific requirements related to bandwidth, dynamic range, number of channels, and computational resources. Their supported platforms span from resource-limited small UAVs and wearable devices to manned aircraft and submarines. Additionally, Azure Summit Technology provides innovative signal processing solutions that address complex problems associated with radio frequency spectrum awareness.

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