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Azure Summit Technology Joins HireVeterans!

Azure Summit Technology Joins HireVeterans!

Azure especially wants to hire YOU!

The U.S. Department of Defense is one of the, if not the most, technologically advanced federal agency. Military service has exposed Veterans, at certain levels, to the technological advancements in the field of RF hardware, firmware, and software products in maintaining national security. Azure Summit Technology is a firm that is involved in the research and development in systems engineering, algorithm development, and application of such advanced RF technologies.  

It is a defense, communication and surveillance engineering company built by engineers, for engineers. If you have military background in RF systems engineering, then a big career opportunity awaits you in Azure Summit Technology! 



Azure is deliberately hiring Veterans with preference for TS/SCI Clearance because of the types of projects that the company is mostly working on - involving matters of national security.

Dominating RF Technology in Land, Sea and Air

Founded in 2007, this mature, growing small business with locations in Fairfax, Virginia, and Melbourne, Florida, is a tech company focused on developing and delivering high-performance RF hardware, firmware, and software products, and innovative, practical, multi-function RF systems solutions that address emerging missions of national importance for customers across the Department of Defense.

Azure provides a wide range of multi-channel software defined radio solutions for applications in the fields of:

  • Surveillance
  • Emitter Location
  • Direction-Finding
  • Interference Cancellation
  • Radar
  • Communications

Azure hardware payloads and end-to-end system solutions:

Azure Systems can be tailored to meet a variety of requirements for bandwidth, dynamic range, number of channels, and computational resources. It supports broad platforms ranging from resource-constrained small UAVs and wearable devices to manned aircraft and submarines. Azure also offers innovative signal processing solutions to challenging problems in the realm of radio frequency spectrum awareness.


- Can be bodily worn and deployed on the full range of ground vehicles, including Humvees.


- Supports full range of airborne platforms such as, but not limited to: mall to large UAVs, manned vehicles, and hand-launched platforms. Azure Technology enables applications that support contested and congested operations, collocated interference, and mountainous terrain. 


- Supports surface and undersea missions for submarines, UUVs, and surface ships. 

Thanks to Azure radar, EW and comms applications, successful land, air, and sea missions can be carried out.