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Advanced Onion Joins!

Advanced Onion Joins!

Advanced Onion is a leader in the security and technology industries. With innovative approaches, unique experience and strategic vision there is no limit to the progressive services they put into action.

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a California Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (CA DVBE) they are positioned to add value through customized solutions and innovation, enhancing growth and upholding that competitive edge.

The Information Technology (IT) specialists they employ develop and apply advanced technologies in: research designs and models employing social-network analytics, geo-spatial analysis, black swan data visualizations, analysis of competing hypotheses, and data quality and integrity through red-team analysis. AO analyses provide timely, relevant, actionable, comprehensive and empirical (TRACE) based analyses. AO IT solutions support the organization and integration of systems enhancing productivity, efficiency, security and operational capabilities.

Database and Software Development Ingenuity is at the heart of their approach to helping companies collect, store, manage, visualize and utilize data. Their subject matter experts are equally adept at refining existing software and developing original programs supporting key functional operations.

AO analyses and solutions have been invaluable in providing decision makers with comprehensive, customized intelligence reports utilized to protect life, property and mission critical components for law enforcement, intelligence community and government agency customers.

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