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Acumen LLC Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

Acumen LLC Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

Acumen, LLC -- the premier advocate of impartial and data-driven health care policies in the country continues to hire U.S. Veterans and military spouses! Acumen seeks to partner with capable and passionate health policy researchers and data analysts who complement their in-house professional and research capabilities. 


From our previous article about Acumen, LLC, we have discussed how they make critical health care information available to policymakers who design health, welfare, education, and labor programs at all levels of government. Their main leverage is in the vastness of their data resources on topics such as drug and vaccine safety; health insurance markets; value-based purchasing; and health care fraud.

To support their clients, Acumen mainly offers Policy Research and Clinical, Statistical and Technological Support Services.

Policy Research

Auditing and Validation of Health Care Program Data

The aim of this service is to promote compliance with and integrity of various Medicare programs. This mainly revolves around the inspection of the accuracy and availability of marketed plan benefits and services in the healthcare industry. It also covers the review of marketing materials and communication to health plan enrollees to protect them from dangerous misinformation and make sure that the policymakers meet compliance standards.

Program Design and Implementation

Acumen prides itself as an industry expert in assisting the the design and implementation of public health care delivery programs and payment systems in a wide range of care settings.

Measure Development of Care

How does one really measure the effectivity of the health care system? Acumen offers policymakers, care providers and consumers sound health care measures that make it easy to quantify care efficiency. By way of incentivization of effective care, Acumen's clients can better valuate provider performance with regard to cost, quality, and other domains. The company is currently developing episode-based cost measures and quality measures for clinicians, hospitals, and post-acute care providers.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is not only necessary in the policy implementation but also in its evaluation. Acumen helps federal, state, and local agencies evaluate both current processes and improvements within health care systems to ensure effective health care costs; high standards of care; optimum patient health and overall quality of life.

Real-Time Monitoring

One of the advantages of Acumen's services lies in the power of information that they provide with their clients. When government agencies roll out major programs and policy changes, they often require real-time support and monitoring to ensure that their ordered changes are not affecting the public negatively in a drastic manner.


Data Visualization

Apart from data analytics, it is important for Acumen's government clients and company researchers to be able to visualize the data collected from secure analytic environments (SAEs). No matter how pressing the questions are about sensitive health care information, Acumen empowers their clients and team members to use these files in formats they prefer and according to the analytical software of their choice.

Information System and Tools

Health care data systems and tools go hand-in-hand with data analytics and visualization. These products are designed to answer applicable research questions in a visually intuitive interface, easily allowing Acumen's clients to extract their needed information.

Data and Statistical Support
Data is the backbone of Acumen's business. Hence, it is only logical for Acumen to employ the best in the field of data management and statistical analysis. Their programmers and statisticians support staff update and maintain large critical databases, including all Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health care claims data used across projects teams.
Clinical Expertise

Acumen is composed of a wide variety of experts not only across statistics and information technology industries but also in the clinical field. Their staff covers broad and expanding network of clinicians who take on varying roles in Acumen’s work. These experts take on leadership roles, handling projects that require significant clinical expertise. They perform consulting and supporting roles in nearly all of Acumen’s work.

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