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Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) is Hiring U.S. Veterans TODAY!

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care's (AAAHC) brings a unique blend of ambulatory market expertise into everything they do. They propagate operational know-how and efficiency to ensure that they are fulfilling (or even exceeding) client expectations while holding them accountable to high standards of care and safety to consistently deliver quality patient care.

AAAHC is a relatively small organization so multi-disciplined team members are not only welcomed but also valued!

Are you willing to learn and orient yourself to several skill sets?

Do you feel driven by the goals of your function while collaborating with other departments to ensure the best results?

If you answered, YES, then you are sure to thrive in AAAHC! Explore opportunities by clicking the photo below.


AAAHC offers full range benefits and growth opportunities to what they call CARE VALUES.

  • Collaboration/Communication

Since its conception, AAAHC has always been a collaboration between many organizations. AAAHC always functions as a team: fostering partnerships and welcoming creativity. They encourage learning and knowledge sharing through open communication.

  • Accountability

The core of accreditation is accountability. AAAHC cannot award nor withhold ambulatory care recognition if the organization itself has no sense of accountability towards its own process and collaborators. The Board honors commitments and accepts responsibility for their actions as well as their quality of work.

  • Respect

AAAHC is founded on respect for: the healthcare industry, each of their team members, their clients and stakeholders. They demonstrate empathy for varying points of view; support diversity in expertise in the workplace; and maintain trust and confidentiality.

  • Excellence

AAAHC's main goal it to maintain leadership and excellence in the field of ambulatory health care. The organization promotes a culture of quality that is always mindful of how the daily work can lead to years of improvements in patient care.



AAAHC has been the leading accreditation firm for ambulatory health care for more than 41 years now. AAAHC's first (and still resounding) mission back in 1979 is to:

encourage and assist ambulatory health care organizations to provide the highest achievable level of care for recipients in the most efficient and economically sound manner. AAAHC accomplishes this by the operation of a peer-based assessment, consultation, education and accreditation program.

The six (6) founding members of AAAHC are:

1. American College Health Association

2. American Group Practice Association (now known as: American Medical Group Association)

3. Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association (now known as: Ambulatory Surgery Foundation)

4. Group Health Association of America (now known as: American Association of Health Plans)

5. Medical Group Management Association

6. National Association of Community Health Centers

Since its establishment, AAAHC has accredited over 6,600 organizations and serves them through:

  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Office-based surgery centers
  • Endoscopy centers
  • Student and community health centers
  • Medical and dental group practices
  • Employer-based health clinics
  • Retail clinics
  • Indian/Tribal health centers


AAAHC develops and adopts nationally recognized ambulatory care standards. The AAAHC Certificate of Accreditation demonstrates an organization’s commitment to providing safe, high-quality services to its patients—every day of the 1,095-day accreditation cycle. The AAAHC 1095 Strongquality every day philosophy defines their values and emphasizes the importance of quality practices and client readiness throughout the 1,095 days of the accreditation term—and every day during which a patient receives care.