PSA Event Partners


PSA was founded in 1986 by a research scientist with a vision to provide services which would result in improved health for all Americans, and continues to achieve that goal through supporting the Federal government and other scientific institutions in the evaluation and awarding of grants.  Today, PSA offers event management, communications and creative arts for our customers – both domestic and international.


Events –

Our core capability. We offer the following professional services for both domestic and international events:

·  Site identification, search and selection

·  Travel

·  Meeting room/site logistics

·  Registration services (pre-registration and onsite)

·  Event branding

·  Event promotion

·  Collateral materials development and production

·  Media relations

·  Agenda and program development and production

·  Speaker identification

·  Audiovisual support and multimedia presentations

·  Webcasting and streaming videoEvent summaries and proceedings

·  Continuing Education  

·  Evaluation


Peer Review –

Our knowledge of peer review is unsurpassed. We understand how critical it is to have a fair and equitable process when awarding public and private grant dollars. We offer expertise in the following areas:

·       Development of peer review processes

·       Draft Requests for applications and program guidance

·  Design documentation, worksheets, and forms

·  Education of potential applicants and grantees

·  Deliver technical assistance for grant writing workshops

·  Prepare Executive, Congressional, and Cabinet-level reports

·  Proficiency in state of the science life-cycle systems

·  Technical and logistical services to support face-to-face, electronic, or field reviews


Technical Assistance –

When an organization needs specialized expertise, PSA is prepared to provide technical assistance (TA). We provide TA through collaboration with hundreds of subject matter experts representing all disciplines in the following areas

·  Identification of need/needs assessments

·  Planning

·  Evaluation

·  Instructors/faculty and speakers

·  Technical support (can we better define what this means so staff can talk to it?)

·  Formative research

·  Skilled facilitation


Collaboration is key to enhancing the goals and mission of our customers.  PSA can secure any specialized expertise necessary to complete the assignment.  Our responsibility is to create extraordinary experiences.  PSA team members make an event, program, or project more than the customer expects it to be.  


Corporate Goal

Our corporate goal is to develop, design, and produce high quality, economical, and exceptional products and services for our clients.  To achieve our corporate goal, we use a four-pronged approach:

·       PSA provides technically competent, enthusiastic and responsive staff members who give creative solutions to client needs;

·       PSA offers competitive rates and a sound fiscal base;

·       PSA utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and resources to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness; and

·       PSA develops strong, collaborative and lasting relationships with its clients.


PSA’s Mission

The management team of PSA maintains uncompromising commitments to the people we serve:

·     To our clients: to provide the highest quality services at reasonable prices and create extraordinary events;

·     To our staff: to provide rewarding employment, in a supportive environment that encourages the development of individual potential; and

·     To the world outside of our immediate corporate experience, in recognition of our
shared humanity: at every opportunity, to embrace the spirit of our corporate vision, Working Together to Make a Difference.