Aeris Communications

More and more companies are using cellular technology to communicate with machines, either for internal efficiencies, or to launch innovative products and solutions.  These companies have found incorporating cellular to be difficult, because traditional cellular carriers were built for consumers and handsets, not machines.  This results in M2M deployments that are difficult, slow, and overall just painful.  Even worse, traditional carrier solutions have inflexible business models that require companies to fit their needs into traditional carrier rate plans.

This does not work for machine applications.

Machines come in many different types and are used in many different industries, resulting in unique business, technical, and regulatory requirements depending on how they are deployed.  To meet these unique requirements, the carrier needs to be incredibly flexible and work closely with their customers, being a true business partner. 

Aeris is the specialized carrier that machines love.  Aeris is the only carrier made exclusively for machines, and we operate as a true business partner. This enables Aeris’ customers to deploy solutions that are innovative and market leading for their industry. The result is Aeris’ customers get to market faster with a solution optimized for performance and mission-critical reliability, while still operating with the lowest cost structure.


Aeris Communications is more than just a network.  Aeris is changing the way companies think and use machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.  Combining our years of experience with deep technological expertise and ingenuity, the Aeris is able to understand our customers’ business requirements in order to adapt and deliver intelligent end-to-end solutions that add value and are specifically tailored for them.


With industry leading customers like Hyundai, Honda and Bosch, Aeris is the reliable M2M connectivity provider across a wide range of industries including telematics and automotive, medical devices, utilities, agriculture, consumer electronics and more.  In all of these verticals, Aeris prides itself on optimizing the application to perform better.  From vehicle crash notifications to burgler alarms, your solution will perform better with Aeris than it will on a traditional carrier.


Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aeris Communications has a rapidly growing team dedicated to machine communication.