Brasby Construction Inc.

Construction Foreman Job Description

    Be in charge of metal roofing projects start to finish
    Ensure that necessary components of job are delivered to job site safely
    Ensure job site maintains a professional atmosphere
    Maintain customer relations during project (We are selling peace of mind)
    Oversee helper(s), keep all hands productive
    Ensure installation adheres to local building code and Brasby Construction standards
    Communicate tool maintenance needs with supervisor as needed
    Secure job site at end of day/week (lock ladders, secure sheets, take trash, etc.)
    Maintain clean work truck
    Create as little waste as possible through accurate use of materials
    Attend and interact at weekly meetings/trainings
    At end of project, clean job site and take all materials back to shop
    Report to and be accountable to supervisor (Matt Brasby)
    During grain bin season to be crew member as needed
    40-50 hour work weeks 730-530 ½ hr. lunch not paid
    Overtime for 40+ hours
    Fill out timecard daily, turn in weekly at Monday morning meeting
    Maintain professional personal appearance
    Training will be provided
    Bring your own tool belt with tape measure, utility knife, pencil and hammer