Duncan Land Services

 Duncan Land Services, located in Pittsburgh, PA, is one of the leading land service companies in the Appalachian Basin.  Originally founded as Duncan Land & Energy in 2001, Duncan Land Services was formed as a subsidiary to more effectively provide the knowledge and manpower needed for E&P companies to establish or enhance lease plays throughout the Appalachian Basin, through lease acquisitions, pipeline acquisitions, and many other services listed on our land services page.  The advantage to working with Duncan is our established reputation throughout the Northeast, specifically the Appalachian Basin.  With Mr. Trulli’s knowledge of land work and Mr. Tebbs’ knowledge of land and mineral title, Duncan Land Services maintains the perfect balance for running a strong and highly successful land brokerage.  Duncan’s primary areas of interest are Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.  Duncan’s President/Co-founder, Guy Trulli, personally trains and mentors all of the landmen at the company.  With Mr. Trulli’s 25+ years of experience as a land professional, our landmen obtain well beyond the basic skills that most landmen receive in a typical training course.  Bradlee Tebbs, the company Vice President/Co-founder, also personally trains the abstractors.  Working hand in hand with Mr. Tebbs gives the team of abstractors the tools necessary to handle the complicated issues inherent in oil and gas title.