New Jersey Association of the Deaf-Blind

NJADB began as a support group for parents of children with deaf-blindness and developmental disabilities in 1978. The majority of these children were born with varying degrees of deafness, blindness, and mental retardation as a result of the Rubella epidemic in the mid-1960's.


Due to the crossover of services needed for people who are both deaf and blind as well as people who have develomental disabilities, NJADB began to provide services for people who have a single sensory impairment, either deaf or blind, as well as people experiencing communication impairments.


Today, NJADB serves more than 250 adults and their families. Through a variety of programs, NJADB provides direct services and specialized support that people with the unique disability require to enjoy a community lifestyle and an improved quality of life.


NJADB programs are statewide with facilities located in Hudson, Hunterdon, Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Union Counties.



Mission Statement


To improve the quality of life of people who are deaf and/or blind.


Vision Statement


NJADB exists to provide lifetime, comprehensive services and support to people who are deaf-blind, deaf or blind, including people with developmental disabilities and communication impairments. Recognizing that all people are unique in their abilities and desires, NJADB will provide individualized support to help people form connections, achieve goals and participate in life. At the heart of our programs and services is the fundamental belief that all people are valued members of our communities. Our activities will promote community accessibility for the people we serve and generate awareness of the possibilities for community enrichment when all people are included.