Justice Resource Institute

Located in Taunton, MA, JRI's Southeast Behavioral Heath Center offers an extensive menu of outpatient services and intervention methods to meet the needs of children, adults, and families dealing with a range of behavioral health conditions. Therapeutic services will be individually tailored to meet the goals of each client.

Justice Resource Institute as a larger organization dedicated to addressing the most confounding challenges of both the human services and educational systems and the persons and families these systems were created to serve. Justice Resource Institute pursues the social justice inherent in opening doors to opportunity and independence. Although our range of services is as varied as those we serve, our approach is uniformly characterized by compassionate support, innovation, and community leadership.

JRI works in partnership with individuals, families, communities and government to address their shared challenges in a comprehensive, coordinated, systematic, and effective manner. JRI seeks new knowledge and improved evidence-based practice, in research and in the field, in order to inform our continuous search for excellence in service.