WhyEquals, LLC

WhyEquals, LLC is an award-winning, Atlanta-based start-up that is giving Hispanic community members community-wide reach through an innovative mobile application. 

HISTORY: WhyEquals began as a project to foster information literacy and computer skills in local Latino immigrants. It soon developed into a grassroots research and design firm aimed at bringing the web to new markets through ad-driven and subscription-based communication tools. Today we keep tens of thousands of subscribers informed through our award-winning application.

Working at a start-up means having passion and being a problem-solver! We are always looking for people that believe they can be part of a ground-breaking team.  We like people who have great soft skills, listening skills and a sustained positive attitude.  Additionally, we look for people wit with good writing skills, computer skills and web skills such as looking up an address on Google Maps.  Please check out our job posts and contact us!