Teleworking Expats For Hire

Telecommuting incorporates remote work stations to allow home based staff to perform all the functions regular onsite are capable of.

The advantages of telecommuting employees are becoming more and more apparent to companies as time goes on.  Increased productivity, overall personal safety, and greater employee retention are just a few of these advantages.

Thousands of top qualified North Americans choose to live internationally.  Finding gainful employment while abroad can prove to be a challenge for many.  But, we’ve been placing teleworkers with companies that need them now for three years.

Teleworking Expats For Hire is the innovator of the concept  expatshoring.  This means companies can enjoy the benefits of nearshoring (hiring people from nearby countries at a reduced wage) while also working with highly qualified North Americans living abroad in nearby countries like Mexico.  By employing teleworking expats living in neighboring countries, where the cost of living is much lower, business in North America can significantly reduce staff expenses.  And you, the teleworker, can earn a living wage in the foreign country you’re living.

We search the globe to find qualified, professional teleworkers to suit the needs of our clients from administrative staff, to sales or marketing experts, technicians, legal services, or even bookkeeping.  Whether it is full time or part time, our team of recruitment staff work with our clients and our co-workers to ensure projects are completed by a qualified teleworker.

We utilize the latest communication technology to integrate the teleworker into the client’s workforce.  Our IT department is staffed by dedicated and extremely qualified technicians who are able to make this all work. With tools such as streamed video conferencing, networked documents and programs, voice over internet protocol software, and voice recognition software we are able to employ a wide range of qualified North Americans where candidates, including the physically challenged, can find a place to make a meaningful contribution to the endeavors of their employers.  We provide for internet expenses and any equipment that may be needed.  You just need a working computer and a desire to work.

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