Gonnella Frozen Products

At Gonnella, outstanding breads are only part of our story. Ask any of our clients why they choose Gonnella and you'll understand that the Gonnella name is a name built on service. We were founded on the credo that offering superior service by focusing in on your customer's needs is what sets one company apart from another. Today, over a century later, we still remain true in every sense of the word to our founding mission. Every one of our employees from our president to our receptionist will go out of their way to deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction. Whether it's making sure that the special order called in is delivered fresh and on-time, helping you iron out a difficult technical issue, choosing the right mix of products for your operation, or a friendly greeting when you call, we always put our customers first. Put simply, when you deal with Gonnella you're guaranteed to have the best service possible.