Atlas Healthcare Linen Services

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We provide outstanding linen related products & services to the healthcare market. Striving to deliver the best value to our customers and the marketplace. Workng together to make our work experience positive, healthy and rewarding.

Why you should consider a linen rental program from Atlas Health Care Linen Services

  • You will have an account representative throughout our business relationship to handle any questions or concerns you might have.
  • Your patients will be more comfortable and like the feel of using quality linen products rather than paper products.
  • All of your linen is sent to you in plastic bags so it remains clean and fresh until you're ready to use it.
  • You can reduce your medical disposal waste and linen is better for our environment.
  • There are NO deposits, NO up front payment, NO storage issues, NO disposal issues, NO shipping or handling fee, and NO need to remember to reorder your linen supplies.
  • We offer special tailor made programs for your own linen supply needs that other linen supply companies are not able to handle. This is due to our unique plant and programs.

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Reusable products are an important part of the future - for the world, for our company, and for the health care industry. For Atlas, they are also an important part of our past and our experience. Since 1923, when Atlas started as a laundry service, we have remained dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality reusable products and the most efficient systems for their use. Today, Atlas Health Care Linen Services and Northern Health Care Linen Services (as we are known in northern New York State) are singularly focused on meeting the constant challenges of the health care industry by understanding the issues and continually adapting in response to and in anticipation of new needs.


Our mission is to provide outstanding linen and related products and services to the health care market. We will be the best value as perceived by our customers and the marketplace. Our co-workers are vital to the success of our mission. Every action, task, and decision made by co-workers will be a contribution toward our mission. We will work together to make our work experience positive, healthy and rewarding. Our company will strive to be a responsible community citizen.


Atlas Health Care Linen Services believes in quality. From this day forward our actions and decisions will be based on our belief in quality.


We believe in quality. We believe in quality work based on acceptable standards. We believe in measuring work to ensure our standards are met. We believe improvement of quality will benefit our company and help us remain competitive. Improved quality will reduce problems and result in less rework. Improved quality will lead to increased sales and satisfied customers. Improved quality will make Atlas stronger and better.


As the world changes, so must Atlas. The world is changing quickly and Atlas must change to remain competitive. We plan to stay ahead of our competition by constantly improving our quality. Improvements must never end.


Without our co-workers help we cannot constantly improve. We believe people want more responsibility and challenge. Atlas will provide more opportunity through training and education. We promise to provide a way for our co-workers to be totally involved in improving quality. As we become more involved, we will feel better about ourselves and our company. Each of us must take the responsibility of getting involved so we can provide the best Health Care Linen Service possible to our customers.