SportsTurf Irrigation

 I am looking for a person that is familiar with electronic circuitry. Our company is involved with golf course irrigation and we rebuild sprinklers, valves and sell parts etc to the end user. I am currently sending all of my clock repair to another company and am entertaining the thought of hiring a person to trouble shoot and repair clocks and components at our office. Our hours are M-Th 6-4:40 4 days a week you will have 3 day weekends. I am too sure if this is a part time job or full time, because we have not hired a person to facilitate this area in the past. Clocks on the golf course simply turn the stations on and off. They comprise of a clock (like a HOA but a little bit more) and components that have 8 station each and can stack in the pedestal. There is a power supply and a communication board.  if you have experience in trouble shooting circuitry and can repair it this might be the job for you. We are a family owned business and you would pretty much be on your own with lots of flexibility.