Box Appliance Sercice co Inc.

Box Appliance Service performs factory certified repairs to the Sub-Zero and Wolf product line of cooking and refrigeration appliances. We are the exclusive service agency for San Diego County, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are looking to hire and train selected individuals to become upper end Appliance Repair Technicians.

This is a full time employee position with full health benefits, paid vacation, holidays and sick leave.

A good service tech can expect to earn $ 30 to $50 per hour, a great technician, more

We are looking for individuals with a strong electrical and mechanical background, ac circiut troubleshooting and diagnosis is a must.

Certain physical abilities are needed also, nimbleness and agility are required to negociate your way around and through a 600 pound range or refrigerator but for the most part this is a mental mindset and not a physical challange. 

We are also in the customer service market, we are in our customers homes, and we require a customer first attitude from all employees, again the emphasis is on "Customer Service"

Please respond only with Resume to