Prodo Laboratories, Inc

 Prodo Laboratories, Inc is a biotechnology company processing human adult pancreases into insulin-producing islets as a service business distributing to global pharmaceutical / biotechnology companies for their corporate research and development for new diabetes products.  In addition, Prodo Labs in cooperation with The Scharp-Lacy Research Institute and funding from the National Institutes of Health distributes human islets to academic institutional diabetes researchers.  The company also produces proprietary tissue culture media and reagents for human islets for these markets.  It has its own research and development program for research on islet cells, encapsulated islets for transplantation, and pancreas processing/ islet purification and culture.  New job opportunities are posted on its website,, as they become available.  In order to qualify for a technician position, the candidate should have a college education or equivalent with emphasis on biology and chemistry with sufficient understanding to perform research under investigator supervision.  On the job training is required for all new employees.