MidState Communications & Electronics Inc.


   Mid-State Communications & Electronics, Inc.,
is a full service provider of wireless communications solutions for public and private sector customers throughout the Northeast.

Mid-State Communications provides state of the art communications systems, factory authorized service and installation for emergency services, public safety and public works, as well as commercial enterprises, such as construction, industrial, utilities and more.


The IP based digital communications systems being installed today are "not your grandpa's" type of radio system. The days of tapping a tube with the handle of screw driver while listening to the radio and looking at a test set meter are over.

These new systems require a technician with a much more extensive background in not only the old basics of Analog Communications systems, RF theory, Antenna systems, Receiver theory, Transmitter theory, Power Supply theory, Tone Signaling and so on but also in TDMA and FDMA Digital Communications systems, Internet Protocol (IP) based communications systems, Routers and File Servers, T-1 circuits, Digital Microwave and so on.

The test equipment required to service these new digital communications systems has also evolved requiring an additional level of understanding on the part of the technician.

So basically instead of needing a "Radio Tech" to service and maintain the modern communications system, you need a Communication Network Systems Technician.

The certification process by Motorola, CSC and ETA provides a nationally standardized qualification process that proves to a customer that not only are the servicer's technicians competent to service these new systems but also that the service company itself is organized, structured and capable of the challenge.

Mid-State Communications is proud of its Motorola Premier Service Partner (PSP) appointment and thanks our technicians, and other service personnel, for the dedication, commitment and rigorous effort that they have put forth to become certified so that we can better serve our customers.