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If you are looking to earn an extra income or find that you cannot commit to a regular job shift, working as an independent, freelance contractor doing court research is a great option. This is not for everyone, so here are some tips to help you decide before applying.

Usually, this is not a work-AT-home job, but a work-FROM-home in which requires field work -- commuting to the courthouse and spending some time there searching for specific types of public documents that have been recorded and placed on file by the courts. For each document type, you'll be given a list of data topics you'll need to locate and report for each document. The information you report about each selected document is referred to as a record. We pay $1.50 per completed record, which comes out to roughly $15 an hour.

You will typically enter the data into a pre-formatted Excel-compatible spreadsheet which is very easy to learn. Being a fast typist is a bonus, but not a limitation in this line of work; it just means you'll get work done faster than if you are a slower typist. 

Also, having a laptop can speed your work up, but it's not usually an absolute requirement. If you don't' have a laptop or your courthouse doesn't allow the use of such in their facility, you will need to handwrite the information while conducting your research and then enter it into the requested media when you get home. Most assignments will have deadlines, so it's good to keep your schedule on a calendar or worksheet. Good organization skills and ability to work independently with little supervision really pays off in this line of work.

The amount you can expect to earn on a weekly basis is determined by the amount of work you have available to do for your assignments. The average researcher earns $12-$15 per hour while seasoned researchers often exceed $20 an hour. 

If this is your first introduction to court research, be reassured that we will provide you all the training required for you to successfully perform the assignments. If you'll invest your time in preparing for assignments, you'll be rewarded with steady and ongoing work!

Still interested? If so, email us your resume and we will send you the first round of initial training videos and demo to help you get started.