Armed Zilla



Specifically, ArmedZilla was designed to rally veterans, service members, families, friends and supporters around:

  • finally bringing the military community together in one secure place;


  • creating a support community to help ease transition from service into civilian life and “mainstream” culture;
  • using the power of social media to provide better access to veteran benefits, veteran service organizations (VSOs) and veteran-centric brands and other entities that support them;
  • showing pride in and public recognition for military service contributions;
  • connecting with people, issues and causes our community deems important.



ArmedZilla is the brainchild of David Johnson, an Iraq combat veteran who had his own struggles adjusting to life after service and finding other like-minded individuals who could help with his transition. He realized the need for a network that would allow veterans to easily find and support one another. After searching for existing solutions, David discovered the needs of his community just weren’t being met. A new solution was necessary, and that solution is ArmedZilla.


What began as a simple website designed to connect veterans quickly garnered meaningful support from veterans, veteran service organizations, family, friends, global brands and local businesses. This ultimately grew into a greater mission: to create the largest military support initiative in American history. Now, we invite you to join us.