A Distinctive Style Magazine

A Distinctive Style Magazine Spring 2012 EditionWe're looking for a veteran that is comfortable working from home, is good on the computer, honest, dedicated, a self-starter who is not afraid of talkinig on the phone and someone with a passion for what they do.

The position is for a sales and marketing person to represent our magazine. If you haven't done anything like this before, we can train you. You'll be selling advertising for our digital magazine called A Distinctive Style (http://adistinctivestyle.com). 


It's about celebrating life, embracing change, expressing artistic freedom, living with passion and seeing the greatness in the spirit of unity and service.

We report on stories/articles about art and artisans, eco products and awareness, inspirational people, we talk about different disabilities and charities, we interview celebrities that have a passion for giving back and we cover different cultures from around the world.

When looking through A Distinctive Style Magazine it's easy to see that we created something not only revolutionary, but a masterpiece that displays spirit, drive, commitment and passion.


I am the publisher and editor-in-chief of the publication and I have a real passion to empower people with significient information for the well being of our planet. I like to showcase beauty in all it's forms, and to help the less fortunate in the world. I do this through the magazine and I hope it is an inspiration to many!

Please take a look at the magazine, there are 18 of them out there so take your time. Then let me know if it looks like something you could be passionate about.

I wish the best for you!

denise marie | publisher

A Distinctive Style magazine