Bio-Tech Industries inc.

Bio-Tech Industries inc is an American Company out of Orange Pk Fl. that sells a bio-remediation chemical called Micro-Solve.   

Not an enzyme, Not a bacteria, and not a quick fix emulsifier.  

Micro-Solve makes the grease and sludge in wastewater soluble and increases the bacteria population that already lives in the system.  It is this increase in bacteria that increases the bioremediation of grease and sludge build up.  We work with cities, municapalities and independent water/wastwater management companies.  

We are looking for 5 sales people.  1 for each territory throughout the state of Florida. 

We sell Micro-Solve for $35-$45 a gallon in 55 gallon drums or 11/5 gallon buckets.  Plus shipping.  We offer a %15 commission.  

School districts, Hospitals, resorts, casino's most any place that has wastewater that needs to be treated, Micro-Solve can help.  Micro-Solve is a bioremediaton tool.