VitaMix Corporation

Since 1921, The Vitamix® Corporation has been an award-winning innovator in blending technology. Vitamix is a privately owned quality-based organization that creates, produces, and markets high performance, durable, reliable, innovative equipment directly to the consumer market and foodservice industries. We distribute internationally to over 70 countries. Vitamix Corporation is passionate about improving the quality of life for our customers and employees.

As we continue towards fulfilling our Vision of being "The BEST Blending Equipment Company in the World," we seek team members whose values match our own. If family, customer, quality, integrity, and teamwork are important to you, we are certain you would enjoy working with us!

Vitamix Corporate Values

We, the employees of Vitamix pride ourselves by valuing…
Family: Leadership, organization, personal
Customers: What they know + what we know = what we learn together
Quality: Products, relationships, service
Integrity: Ethics in all areas, personal and professional
Teamwork: Doing the best we can together

These values are supported by strong leadership and openness to change and growth. Vitamix is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for our customers and employees. We are proud to be a tobacco and drug-free workplace.