9 Miles East Farm

9 Miles East Farm is dedicated to making it easy for busy people to enjoy local food. The farm seeks to expand the audience for local food through a vertically integrated model of growing, cooking, and delivering meals to subscribers in the Albany/Saratoga Springs region. It's like a CSA, only subscribers receive prepared meals rather than a bag of ingredients. In addition, the farm also delivers bags of freshly harvested vegetables to businesses in the area that are looking to provide an attractive benefit to their employees.
Owners Mary and Gordon Sacks are committed to natural farming methods that use cover crops and organic soil amendments to grow the healthiest, best-tasting vegetables and herbs. Ingredients are harvested right before cooking to preserve flavor and nutrition. The 11.5 acre farm is located in Schuylerville, NY, which is nine miles east of the vibrant small city of Saratoga Springs. Saratoga County is the fastest-growing county in New York, offering great cultural resources, high quality of life, and modest cost of living.