Hotels at Home

Hotels at Home is a twelve year old family owned eCommerce company that creates guest purchase programs for luxury hotels.  Our guest purchase programs provide the ability for hotel guests to purchase the beds, pillows, blankets, linens, and amenities that they enjoyed during their hotel stays.  We are seeking to hire a purchasing agent.

We pride ourselves in the high level of customer services that we provide to our guests and part of that service includes the ability to ship virtually all of our orders on the same day that they are received.  We warehouse the minimal amount of inventory that will insure that we always have product in stock.

Our purchasing agents are responsible for managing dozens of vendors and hundreds of SKUs.  Some of the responsibilities include tracking stock levels and placing orders, following up with vendors, arranging for the transportation of shipments, negotiating pricing, sourcing new vendors, inspecting products, and receiving returns.

We are looking for someone who is highly organized and capable of managing several projects simultaneously.  You must be persistent in your dealings with vendors and highly analytical as you evaluate pricing and business processes.  You must possess superior computer skills.