Battle Lantern Inc

 Battle Lantern Incorporated was created in 2010 to provide professional services for the county, state and government sectors. With over 20 years of leadership, management and training experience, Battle Lantern's Team Leader and CEO has often said that "there is nothing more important than people." Creating an atmosphere that harnesses team work, integrity and proven results; bringing businesses and subject matter experts together to build business relationships and programs that stand the test of time.

  • Professional Internet Technology Staffing and Services  
  • Research and Development, Recruiting and Personnel Management
  • Veteran Outreach Programs 


Battle Lantern Incorporated was created out of the necessity to assist the private, public and government sectors with a higher quality employment outsourcing; research and development, recruitment  and management options for our Department of Defense sector; and Veteran Outreach Programs to help those who have patriotically volunteered to fight for our freedom.