Local Boutique

The Mission of Local Boutique is to promote local retail fashion operations and the fashion industry in specific markets all consumers whether they are B2B or B2C on a global scale. The Vision of Local Boutique is to become the go-to site connecting fashion retailers with the fashion community while offering our platform to emerging designers from around the world. We accomplish our goal through our mobile app(s) and global website which offer a complete Database of retailers/designers in a city/territory where the B2B and B2C consumer can discover through the ‘city search ‘ and ‘designer showcase’ and the user-friendly geo-maps. The retailer/designer has the ability to list events, showcase merchandise and offer promotions to entice customers. The customer has the ability to navigate a city and the fashion currently being showcased, in addition they can map-it, add the designer/retailer to their favorite’s list as well adding the record to their contact list and so they will be able to buy it form their mobile device. Local Boutique ties it all together with a full spectrum of Social Networking links that allow for the users to stay connected with our Editors for the most.