Insurance Marketing Group
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As a growing organization, Insurance Marketing Group is committed to helping you build your wealth and security for yourself and your family.
The Insurance industry has long been recognized as one of the top self-employment careers. Your business would find companies and help them add insurance to their benefit package. You will also help the individuals and employees buy their policies and assist them with any claims they might have.
Choosing a career in helping people with their insurance is challenging and rewarding. Our training concepts are globally recognized as the leading approaches to productively building your business. We are here to help you build your career.
It must be a challenge for you looking for a new career. To help you think through if this might be a fit; the following links are designed to help you evaluate the industry. It is our pleasure setting up some time for you to talk about if Insurance Marketing Group might be a fit for you.
Your job focus is Building Vendor Relationships status with Businesses.
You accomplish this by getting business getting to know Insurance Marketing Group and helping them chose us to be their Benefit Vendor.

This is a firm where over time you grow your equity ownership in the business.