Signal 88 Security of Orlando

Customized Sercurity

Signal 88 Security’s suite of services provide clients many options when selecting the service mix right for the property, personnel, and other assets they wish to protect.  From our flagship randomized roving vehicle patrol services conducted in our well-marked, highly-visible patrol vehicles, to security consultations, Signal 88 Security has the expertise to develop solutions that effectively maximize service levels for each client we service.  Click on the links below to learn more about each of our customized service offerings.

Roving Patrols

Signal 88 Security’s flagship service, the Roving Vehicle Patrol, provides clients with one of the strongest visual deterrents available in the security industry today.  Combining the stature of an SUV style vehicle with 3M Brand graphics, LED Lighting, and WiFi Communications Technology, Signal 88 Security’s Roving Vehicle Patrol gives clients maximum criminal deterrent, immediate reporting capabilities, and the ability to respond to a crisis at a moment’s notice.

Dedicated Services

Signal 88 Security’s Dedicated Services offer a wide variety of solutions designed to effectively meet service criteria with our professional security personnel.  When a sustained presence is needed Signal 88 Security turns to its Dedicated Services to provide highly trained, highly visible, and highly effective coverage to businesses large and small.

Virtual Monitoring & Patrolling

Signal 88 Security is revolutionizing Virtual Monitoring  & Patrolling by providing a proactive approach to your security.  Designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your new or existing surveillance system, our Virtual Patrolling Services allow us to randomly view each of your cameras, and is one of many customizable solutions we offer to provide for your security.   Our trained professionals are actively observing your property for criminal activity, and most importantly, when a disturbance occurs, our Central Monitoring Center is the only one that offers immediate dispatch of Signal 88 Security's exclusive Patrol Vehicles to respond to a crisis.

Other Services:


  • Asset Tracking & Recovery
  • Foot Patrol Tours
  • Bicycle Patrol Tours
  • Segway Patrol Tours
  • Guard Shack Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Controlled Access
  • Executive Protection* (in select markets)
  • CCTV System Monitoring
  • Virtual Monitoring & Patrolling
  • Self-Defense Training* (in select markets)