Animal Emergency Room
  • 4315 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 2, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States

If you are looking for a positive, fast paced work environment with energetic, talented people, and an opportunity to practice excellent medicine, this is the place for you! The Animal Emergency Room is an after-hours facility that provides emergency and urgent care to veterinary patients 365 days a year. Our facility is located in NW San Antonio and has thrived since start up in 2000. We use Animal Intelligence Software on 5 workstations. Our lab consists of the new Heska DriChem 4000 and Hematrue CBC analyzer, is complemented with an I-stat, and the SCA 2000 coagulometer. We use digital radiology with monitors in exam rooms and 24-hour teleradiology consultants. We also have a Logiq e ultrasound unit with doppler. The treatment area consists of 24 patient cages all accessible to oxygen, 2 portable anesthetic machines, wet and dry treatment tables, complete vital signs monitor dedicated to the treatment area, multiple temperature control options including a Bair Hugger, and 12 programmable IV fluid pumps. Located directly adjacent to our treatment area is a complete surgery room providing a dedicated multi-parameter vital signs monitor, dedicated anesthesia machine, electrocautery, aspirator, defibrillator, and X-ray viewing station for intra-op radiograph viewing. In addition, our surgery room houses an endoscope equipped with multiple foreign body extraction/biopsy accessories tools. The Animal Emergency Room keeps blood products stocked to aide in our ability to provide excellent and aggressive care. We keep a list of screened on-call donors.