Team Oil Tools

TEAM was formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1997 with the objective of providing a ”stand alone” completion services company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of today’s most innovative and reliable oil tools to solve unique customer problems, with the mantra “The right product ON TIME”. Over the intervening years it has aggressively developed a range of unique products and systems, both standard and “fit for purpose” that have put it into the forefront of fulfilling the ever more stringent demands of today’s Oil and Gas industry. The range of capabilities that TEAM can now provide includes a comprehensive selection of standard products, a line of unique “fit for purpose” systems, the provision of fast track custom design, manufacturing capabilities to ISO 9001 standards, comprehensive verification testing facilities and field services by a dedicated team of highly trained service engineers. We will always strive to supply what you want rather than make do with what we have!

In its’ 14 years of operation TEAM, unlike its’ major competitors, has not traded off service quality for business volume and investor satisfaction, rather it has continued to match its growth to customer needs and prompt result oriented services. TEAM brings with it several key assets which makes it capable of dedicated and timely service in its’ continuing quest to enhance its’ position as a leader in the development of innovative products to fulfill customers unique needs. These assets include:

  • A brand new custom designed state of the art manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is geared to provide fast time to market response to customer needs and cost efficient operations to maintain TEAM’s reputation as a cost effective provider of well completion and service products.
  • A sustaining Engineering department whose mandate is the maintenance and enhancement of existing products, to provide ongoing engineering support, to maintain product reliability and develop new sizes.
  • A new product Engineering department dedicated to fast response to customer needs and to the sort of innovation that has made TEAM an industry leader. Being unfettered by the day to day maintenance of existing products, this department is free to concentrate on new developments in an accelerated manner.
  • A dedicated team of highly experienced service engineers to provide on-site completion services and work with the customer to train indigenous engineers.
  • TEAM's Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and maintains an uncompromising commitment to industry recognized Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) requirements and procedures.
  • A closed loop customer service organization featuring a dedicated group of highly experienced sales and logistics specialists together with field service engineers on call 24 hours every day.


With these assets, TEAM prides itself on a first rate ON TIME delivery record.


Now that the company is well established and recognized for its’ quality and performance in the USA, its’ overall aim is to continue to provide the right product and/or solution in a timely manner and to expand its’ area of operations further into the International marketplace. To this end TEAM has been actively expanding its capabilities by the hiring of additional personnel experienced in international operations in order to position itself to serve the market outside the USA.