TrueCloud was founded in 2008 by David Rice and Mark Wenig, two former Fortune 500 executives.  In their search for a better method of IT delivery, David and Mark found their solution “in the cloud.” Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, TrueCloud aims to be the leading provider of cloud computing solutions for emerging and mid-sized business. 

TrueCloud has grown considerably since 2008 and is now a leading VAR for NetSuite.  With a talented team of Consultants, Configurers, Project Managers, Web Developers, Designers and Data Analysts, TrueCloud leads the way for a total Cloud solution.

TrueCloud is proud of its reputation as Best in the Business and is employs veterans in the highest positions in the company.   We're proud of Americ'a heroes and are looking forward to getting to know you!