Victory Van Corportation

Victory has a permanent staff of trained, experienced personnel numbering over 250. Our warehouse facilities exceed 500,000 square feet, and our fleet of vehicles includes over 150 tractor trailers, flatbeds, forklifts and other specialized relocation and rigging equipment.

Our quality control programs have established goals that exceed industry standards. Our staff closely monitors progress on all our services including inspections during your move to insure your complete satisfaction.

Victory is proud of its domestic and international reputation earned over the years. We provide dependable, cost effective transportation and storage services. We are confident in our abilities to creatively meet your diverse relocation and storage needs.

Our Alexandria, Virginia facility serves as corporate headquarters and primary warehouse and distribution facility. Our Alexandria warehouse is ideally located to facilitate receiving product and distribution for restaurants and hotels. The warehouse is located less than 10 minutes from Downtown D.C., boasts 90,000 square feet and utilizes the state-of-the-art Windfall inventory management system.

Another facility is located near Washington Dulles International Airport. It is situated on 12 acres and is the site of an expanding consolidation and distribution service as well as the airports first off-site foreign trade zone. It accommodates over 12,000 storage vaults of household goods. The facilities are all solid masonry, including concrete pre-stressed roofs with both video monitored security and fire protection including sprinkler and Halon systems.

Victory has other facilities located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.