Professional Credit Service

Professional Credit is the Northwest's leading Collection and Recovery Agency with over 80 years of experiences. We are changing the perception of the collection industry one phone call at the time.  Professional Credit is an industry leader in its customer-service approach to collections and the value it puts on each and every individual.  We provide the essential training to ensure that consumers are treated with respect and that our employees work within the law to provide the most effective return possible for our clients.  The work is both interesting and challenging.


“To provide our clients with the greatest monetary recovery available, while maintaining a complete commitment to protecting their image in the eyes of their customers and the public, and assisting them in achieving their mission.”


“To be an integral part of our client’s team – bring value to their organization where they couldn’t imagine fulfilling their vision without us.  Our clients trust us to be fair, honest, and diligent as we lead our markets in client service, integrity value, and customer service.”


Professionalism - We will work with all consumers and clients in a respectful, amicable and business-like manner, treating all people with dignity and respect.

Community - We will be good stewards of our community.

Integrity - Trust, commitment to excellence and caring are the core values of our team members.

Quality - We will foster an environment of innovation, continuous improvement, training and investment in our people and systems.

Value - Our clients will see us as adding value to their organization and mission.

Long-term Viability – We provide long-term value to our clients by ensuring our own fiscal viability by delivering consistent and appropriate financial results.