EWIE Company Inc,

EWIE Co., Inc. is a leader in Commodity Management; our strengths include, new program management, inventory control, on-site engineering, and a cost savings commitment for our customer.  We specialize in cutting tools, abrasives, special tools, filtration and industrial lubricants.

At EWIE, we strive to lead in implementation and management of solutions focused on supply chain optimization for metalworking and industrial supply commodities. The objective of these solutions is to reduce customers "Total Cost" while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our team of procurement specialists, analysts, engineers and information technology personnel has a passion for continuous improvement. EWIE currently manages over 70,000 parts comprising millions of dollars of inventory at over 70 customer contracts globally.

Our unique approach of maintaining manufacturer neutrality through managed competition and focus on best-in-class solutions creates an environment of innovations where good ideas become embedded in the process. This approach has delivered over $70 million dollars in engineered cost savings for our customers.