Delta Steel Technologies

Delta Steel Technologies was founded in 1964 as an engineering and manufacturing company focused on strip metal processing machinery. Delta Steel Technologies served a niche market of the newly born “Service Center”. Prior to that time, steel producing mills processed their own steel on lines manufactured by the same companies that built the steel making equipment. Delta Steel Technologies offered these newly established service centers a more reasonable alternative.


Our initial products were Roll Forming Lines, Cut to Length Lines and basic Slitting Lines. The evolution of Delta Steel Technologies has been an organic process. We have grown one product at a time, making improvements and developing new technology along the way.


In the mid ‘70’s and early ‘80‘s Delta Steel Technologies focused on the abundant demand of heavy gauge Cut-to-Length Lines. During that era, the company delivered hundreds of lines to all corners of the globe. Customers were located on six of seven continents. In the early 1980’s, Delta Steel Technologies was the first US exporter of capital equipment to China’s service center industry.


In the mid 1980’s, a loyal Delta Steel Technologies’ customer ordered Delta Steel Technologies’ first Push Pull Pickling Line. The line was installed and commissioned promptly and Delta Steel Technologies is fortunate to continue a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship with that customer. Delta Steel Technologies’ development of a Pickling Line design opened new doors for the company and Steel Producing Mills were added to the company’s list of prospective customers.


Today, Delta Steel Technologies is one of the World’s renowned manufacturers of steel processing equipment for the steel mills and steel service centers worldwide. Our unique technologies provide our customers with significant advantages against their competition.