Aquilex Corporation

Based in Atlanta, Aquilex  Corp  is a $500 million, global energy/ industrial services provider offering specialty repair and overhaul, industrial cleaning,  services to over 600 customers across power generation( (nuclear, fossil, and hydro)  petro-chemical, refinery, waste-to-energy, and  certain industrial processing sectors.  The business differentiates itself through the use of advanced automation, process technology, safety, service quality and the global deployment of highly-skilled technicians. 

Aquilex is organized into two segments each of which provides several service lines.  In Industrial Cleaning, Aquilex HydroChem provides routine, daily, and turnaround cleaning and maintenance services across 60 remote locations nationally.  Headquartered in Deer Park TX and acquired in mid-2007, the business offers a broad line of industrial cleaning services and the skill and experience to deliver them efficiently and reliably. This business is one of the most technologically advanced organizations  in the sector, benefiting from custom designed tools and equipment that enables speed in project execution, high rates of cleaning effectiveness, quality and safety.  Specific service offerings include hydroblasting, vacuuming, chemical cleaning and tank cleaning.  Aquilex HydroChem also provides customized solutions to customers, from precise hydrocutting and foam cleaning to cleaning miles of complex process piping.    The business has roughly $225 million in annual revenues and employs over 2,000 employees. 

In Specialty Repair & Overhaul (SRO), Aquilex combines the strengths of Aquilex WSI, Aquilex Nuclear Services, and Aquilex SMS. The platforms provide a broad range of proprietary technologies and customized services primarily on a turnaround or project basis.  The businesses are leaders in the application of erosion corrosion protection, as well as the mechanical overhaul and restoration of boilers, process towers, reactors, pressure vessels, valves, digesters, and components. Automation, advanced tooling, and a highly, technically trained craft workforce differentiate the businesses and provide industry-leading quality of repairs, speed of service, and safety of personnel. Most of the SRO services are very technical in nature and require on-site mobilizations of a highly trained craft labor force  to meet scheduled outage and emergency shutdown demands from customers. With two shops located in the U.S. and Europe, Aquilex is able to provide erosion corrosion protection in a shop environment primarily to OEMs.

In addition to the United States, Aquilex, has fixed based operations in The Netherlands, Poland, and Saudi Arabia.

The Company was established by private equity firm, First Reserve; then in 2007 sold to Harvest Partners.  In 2008, Harvest Partners sold the Company to Teachers’ Private Capital, the private investment arm of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

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