HOPE4PTSDVETS.ORG is a Non-Profit Organization founded and developed by Veterans for Veterans who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Our mission is to increase local and national awareness about PTSD in the Veteran population, provide local assistance and resources to Veterans, cultivate Veteran centered support groups, and develop life strategies for recovery for those suffering from PTSD as a result of their military service.

We have applied for a grant which will enable us to provide a residential treatment to Veterans who have experienced combat trauma or have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress as a result of combat trauma.  The programs are holistic in nature and will be provided at both the residential treatment facility as well as our local offices in both Houston and Austin.  Our programs include:



8 Day Residential Treatment: This Residential Facility will be located on a horse ranch North of Houston,Texas. The clients will begin treatment either the first or third Friday of each month. During their stay each client will participate in a variety of holistic treatments such as, one on one counseling, peer to peer support, biofeedback, hypnosis, Satori Sound, a Warrior Cleansing Ritual, Meditation and Mindfulness practice, Art Therapy, and Equine Therapy. Recreational and Team building exercises will also be available such as, fishing, horseback riding, log-carrying, etc. Each session will have 2 “Squads” of six veterans. Each squad will have two licensed counselors and an intern assigned to handle their treatment plan and share an art and equine therapist. Families of the Veterans will be invited to join their Veterans on the last day of treatment for some group support and the Completion Ceremony and Dinner. 
Two Week Intensive Outpatient Program: This program will continue to provide the same holistic treatment plan the Veteran experienced during their Residential stay. There will be offices in Houston, Austin and eventually, San Antonio. It is important to duplicate the residential treatment plan for the Outpatient Program since a client does not have to attend the Residential program to participate in outpatient treatment. However, the area offices will also provide Career Counseling and Veteran Benefit Assistance, and assistance with connecting them to other local organizations and agencies in addition to treatment. Family members will also be invited to attend HOPE4PTSDFAMILIES support groups.
Aftercare: This program encourages maintenance and focuses on developing a strategy for moving forward.  Each Veteran will be provided a tapered off counseling plan and continue with hypnosis, group support, as well as family therapy and support.
Continuing Care Interviews: This program allows us to maintain contact with the Veteran and their families to determine progress and gain valuable research information as to the effectiveness of our programs and general information about the treatment of PTSD and combat trauma over a three year period. 
Counselor Intern Training Program:  This program provides psychology students with accredited mandatory hours in the area of PTSD and Combat Trauma. The program will be directed by a PhD. in Psychology and each intern will be assisting a licensed Therapist. Interns will participate in one on one counseling, receive biofeedback and hypnosis training. This program ensures development of a workforce of trained counselors with experience in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress and Combat Trauma. 
Research Program: Under the direction of a PhD, this program focuses on accumulating and disseminating all the available information from our Veteran Satisfaction Surveys, Continuing Care Interviews, biofeedback results, equine therapy, etc. to ensure the quality of care and the continued evolution and replication of our programs. This information will also be valuable to the PTSD/combat trauma treatment community.
Mentorship Program: This program creates lasting relationships between Veterans while cultivating self-awareness, compassion, and accountability. Veterans participating in Support Squad Meetings will be asked to sponsor Veterans just joining the program, each benefiting from the bond. Additionally, the opportunity will be available for Veterans that have participated in the program and are interested in starting their own Support Squad meeting in their communities to be trained to have the tools and materials to do so.

We are looking for qualified Veterans candidates to fill a variety of positions in our organizations Woodlands office and the Residential Retreat near Cleveland Tx.