Lawrence Ripak Co., Inc.

Lawrence Ripak Co., Inc. was started in November, 1952, as a part-time sole propiertorship, and provided one service, Magnetic Particle Inspection to the Aerospace Industry.  Over the last 58 years, the company has grown to a facility of 140+ personnel and 72, 000 square feet in four adjacent buildings.  We provide a full range of NDT services, Anodizing, Plating, Painting, Shot Peening and other processing to over four hundred customers worldwide.  We have received NADCAP Accreditation for our Nondestructive Testing, Chemical Processing, Surface Enhancement (Shot Peening) as well as a our Aerospace Quality System.  The company has a complete QA department, (including analytical laboratory) and delivery trucks.  Additional processing capability up to 20 feet long has been added to meet the demands of today's aerospace business workload.