Missouri Concrete Technology, Inc

We are a small company that does concrete overlays and sealing.  Being in the St Louis area we are a seasonal company that works full time about 8 months of the year and part time during the winter.

Vetrans would have to be physically fit and willing to learn and accept direction. 

We would start them as a laborer ($10 an hour) for about a month.  In that time they will have the opportunity to learn the skills that they will need to trowel, operate our equipment, learn our specialty work and the products we carry with the knowledge to apply them.  They would then be a skilled worker ($15 an hour).  After about a year more of learning, the best are promoted to crew leaders. The leader of his own crew earns $20 an hour.

They would also have to sign a 2 year non complete clause.

If you think any vetrans are interested in this type of work they are welcome to apply and recieve preferred treatment.


Greg Fisher