Cresco Solutions
Why Cresco
We believe that transforming information to insight improves performance and creates responsive organizations.
Who We Are
Cresco is value management, finance and technology advisory firm committed to enabling organizations to improve and accelerate performance and growth.
What We Do
We enable advanced integration between Strategic Decision making, Operational Decision Making and Business execution.
We extend ERP-based solutions like SAP and ORACLE to deliver a complete and integrated system of planning and tracking performance allowing clients to manage and optimize enterprise-wide performance.
Despite a working ERP platform, companies still struggle to consolidate production operations data into a cohesive Data Asset. We design and guide development of systems landscapes that consolidate systems into a working unit through integration platforms.
How We Do IT
Through a combination of, industry expertise, proven techniques and Tools sets (Modeling, BI and EPM) we provide clear insight and understanding of where value is created and destroyed. This insight assists in prioritizing, measuring and management of Key Performance Indicators.  Moreover it simplifies the selection of performance improvement methods and the optimization and implementation of technology applications.
This methodology allows organizations to achieve a state of management excellence - being smart, agile and aligned - which provides competitive advantage and leverages their operational investments.
Our Strengths
We have an experienced local and international team that understands the nature and challenges of modern-day business.
We believe in bolstering skills of our customers’ own people to institutionalize excellence. We guide and coach executives to identify a core set of KPI’s, and each KPI’s value driver hierarchy. This knowledge assists in prioritizing, measuring and managing Key Performance Indicators.