Defense Support Services (DS2)
  • 4100 International Plaza Dr Suite 800, Ft Worth, TX 76109
Defense Support Services, (DS2) ,“We serve those who serve”. Provides DOD customers, a quality, experienced, Aviation maintenance, Logistics, Ground vehicle, professional workforce, (many are Veterans) who understand ‘managing’ material / mission readiness requirements. DS2 teams with customers for “Operational success” combining their Management and Technical expertise with a commitment to employing most efficient practices and processes.
Supporting our customers is at the heart of everything we do at DS2. Our customers are faced each day with challenging missions across the globe. When our customers need technical services, DS2 will deliver the best professionals in the industry.
While our nation engages our armed forces in a multitude of missions, DS2 stands with the dedicated men and women of the Department of Defense. Our mission is one of support to those brave patriots who are securing a better future for the children of every nation. Most of our employees work side by side with their military partners; many are former members of the military.
DS2 also brings a culture of service. We understand that mission accomplishment requires sacrifice and hard work. Our field leadership is focused on the local military commander's requirements. Our program management and headquarters' support teams are designed to serve both the DS2 field leadership and the needs of the military's major commands.
As our armed forces undergo transformation, DS2 will continue to support them with responsive services. No matter what the platform or location, DS2 has expertise in each level of sustainment activity. Customers can request turnkey support activities or select from a variety of contract vehicles that can be tailored to their mission requirements.