Pro-MotionPix was started by a couple of individuals who have worked in the automotive industry for a combined 30 years, and it was on a simple premise -better, faster, smarter, with excellent customer service. Superior photography, service and advanced technology would be offered for a lower price than our competitors. In addition, support would be provided to customers not only during weekdays, but also on evenings and weekends. Professional photographers visit the dealerships with their only focus being to take quality photos. They use expensive equipment and photography is their trade. The result is beautiful photos that result in sales.
Pro-MotionPix searched for a technical solution that could integrate with all of the major dealer management systems, and found it. Now, Pro-MotionPix offers its customers a solution that can poll data from the DMS or receive feeds from sites like, Cobalt and others. Even more impressive, this data can be enhanced with trim levels and options with data from sites like vAuto, AAX, KarPower, FirstLook, and many more. Better!
In addition, Pro-MotionPix offers advanced back-end tools that are revolutionizing the industry. This can save you time by having the basic information polled from your DMS or other source and you enhance the data by verifying trim levels, options, etc. A jump-start to the data entry process to the inventory management system. Our back-end tool includes KBB integration with unlimited log-ons so you can appraise vehicles directly in the system without being kicked off by a shared login. Simply move the vehicle to inventory when you get the deal. No double entry, no extra work. Faster!
Quick edit functions, image overlays that can be changed when necessary, special pricing, incentives, custom comments, taglines (preset and custom), additional options, and so much more can be edited by the dealer. Mark vehicles as Previous Rental, and Certified as necessary. There is even a section for Internal Notes that you can share information with other members of your team. Customized window stickers can be created where your window stickers, buyers guides (english and spanish) as well as file copies can all be printed by the push of a button. Smarter!
Up-to-date reporting of polled vehicle data and vendor feeds is available for the dealer to review. Make sure data is getting to your system and that it is being broadcast everywhere you want it to go. You don't know what you don't know so why not be informed.


Cookie cutter solutions are not always the right option for everyone. Tell us what you want and we will make every effort to accomdate your requests. Letting you be in the driver’s seat is our ultimate goal.

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