Hentzen Coatings, Inc.
As a developer and manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings that set marketplace standards, Hentzen Coatings has long been recognized for its unique ability to custom engineer technically-superior solutions for aerospace, defense and general industrial applications.
 Our mission has been focusing on these markets to provide highly-engineered solutions for ever-changing demands. From engineering to application to after-sale support, our strength is the ability to address all aspects of our customers’ businesses: made to order solutions, convenient base coatings and tinting components that reduce costs and inventory requirements. Just in time stock programs that keep your line running. Our nimble approach ensures critical deliveries can be made faster.
 Because the family name is on the door, what we manufacture will be just what you expect—and more. At the end of the day, we’ve never encountered a customer who doesn’t appreciate a product that does more than the specification requested. We got the formula right some 90 years ago—blending art with science, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Hentzen Coatings has plants in Milwaukee, WI, Batavia, IL and Greenville, SC (AxonHentzen Aerospace).