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This might be something right up your alley.


We need 4 instructors to begin by January 1st 2012.


This is an opportunity to jump into a group of people making a difference and earning a very good living at the same time.


While this is not a typical 40 hour work week employment position it is much better.


While the average salary for a person with these required skills is around $34k annually this opportunity offers the person who possess the right aptitude and computer skills the possibility of earning 3 to 4 times that with much less work hours per year.

We could offer a salary position however after realizing the mid $30k annually was the average I wanted the people connected with this to have the opportunity to earn a very comfortable life so I decided to offer the position of contracting at a percentage, this way the person receives a percentage which increases the average annual salary of $30k+ now to up to 4 times the average salary.


The work hours are very flexible allowing you all the free time you may need.


What we do;

We are a Veteran’s Rehabilitation Training Facility with a Facility code 31. We are responsible for re-training the disabled Veteran’s the skills needed to obtain healthy employment.


We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to assist in such a manner and we take our position very seriously. This is why most of our training is performed in a one on one fashion.


Our services are all about training computer skills and the courses taught which include Comptia A+, Security + , Networking + and many others.


This is a contract position rather then a 40 to 60 work week, each student and each course the student takes is a separate contract. Each instructor will act as an individual contractor and will file a 1099 tax form.  

We provide the structure, facility, the materials, the student’s and you provide the instruction.


It is our goal of making this an entire Veteran ran and orientated facility creating a team of dedicated people with one goal, that being the assistance of helping those who gave so much and we do this by training.


Please email me with any interest you may have.


I hope to see you here.




Christopher Gregory Thomas



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